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Gift cards

Dear customers!

We are glad to offer you our gift cards! It is often difficult to choose a gift for a child, but there is a great one-stop solution for any occasion - gift cards of the stylish children's clothing and shoes stores Gulliver. Gift cards don’t limit your selection fantasy! On the amount of the card you can sel ect everything that is necessary for the heart - from cute accessories to a complete set of Total look garment.

We offer you variety of gift cards in denominations of 1000 rub. 2000 rub. 3000 rub. 5000 rub.


Summary of Gulliver gift cards

Gift card is a payment card which operates only in firm shops «Gulliver» which are participants of the program of gift cards realization.

Card is used only once, regardless of the size of its nominal value. The validity of a gift card fr om the activation date is 12 months.

If the purchase price is above card’s par, the missing price should be paid. If the purchase price is below card’s par, the balance shouldn’t be paid.

Gift card is a bearer, in case of loss or deprivation it is not going to be blocked and cannot be restored. In case of the magnetic strip damage, the card cannot be accepted and is considered null; not refundable and not exchangeable.

Guarantee, exchange and refund of the product, purchased using a Gift Card, is carried out under the general procedure established by the current RF legislation.

Gift card is the property of the issuing company "Lux Trade" and after using it will not be returned.

We’ll be glad to answer your questions about the implementation of the program Gulliver gift cards!