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How to buy an inexpensive franchise and start a profitable business

Франчайзинг детской одежды

Franchising of children's clothes is an opportunity to organize a new and very successful business. The company Gulliver offers cooperation in building a profitable business system on favorable terms. The team of professionals and professionals Gulliver will help you to open a branded monobrand store of children's clothes Gulliver based on franchising.

Gulliver - is the only company offering a full range for filling children's clothing stores: baby clothes, underwear, hosiery, a wide range of accessories, as well as shoes and toys; Collections are created on the principle of total look: each collection allows you to create a stylish full wardrobe for any child.

Information about the franchise

Investments - from 2 million rubles.
(without commodity content)
Investments - from 3,5 million rubles.
(including commodity content)
Assortment of shops - children's designer clothes, full wardrobe, accessories
Payback - from 18 months
Year of foundation of the company - 1997
Year of franchise program launch - 2006
Geography of development - Russia, CIS, countries of Western Europe


Gulliver as a franchisor:

Gulliver is one of the leaders among the leading Russian and European manufacturers of children's clothing.
The reputation of Gulliver is confirmed by a 20-year history. You will be able to use proven, effective tools to build a successful business.
One of the strengths of our franchise is a product.
Gulliver creates the most attractive products and services for consumers: highly liquid collections of fashionable children's clothes and beautiful modern shops.


Gulliver Franchises:

  • Promotion of the Gulliver brand at the federal level
  • Help professionals at all stages of business development
  • Help with finding, selecting a suitable retail space
  • The pricing system, which allows you to earn even at the last stages of sales
  • A bright, memorable store style
  • Development of a design project for Gulliver's stylish children's clothing store
  • Calculation of the profitability of the business before the signing of the contract, joint analysis of the fulfillment of planned indicators
  • Teaching the principles of forming assortment filling of the store and assortment management
  • Recommendations for the selection, motivation and control of personnel
  • Training of staff (team building, work on results)
  • Merchandising training
  • Develop an advertising campaign to open a store
  • Weekly sub-orders for orders, the possibility of ordering a range of products

Financial conditions

Franchises of children's clothing Gulliver:

  • Lump-sum (introductory) fee - not available!
  • Royalty (periodic payments) - not available!
  • Additional hidden payments - not available!
  • You only pay for the goods!

Requirements for the partner - franchisee Gulliver

  • 1 Availability of sufficient working capital and personal financial responsibility
  • 2 Active life position
  • 3 Readiness to work in accordance with the corporate standards Gulliver


The average amount of investment in the franchised children's clothing store Gulliver, the area of the store is 80 sq. M. M., Is from 3 million rubles.

This price includes:

  • Investments to open a new store (without product content) - from 2 000 000 rubles.
  • Commodity content for the season - from 1,400,000 rubles (Spring-Summer),
    from 1,900,000 rubles (Autumn-Winter)
  • The security payment for the assortment of the next season is 150 000 rubles. (on average).
The payback period of the project is 18-20 months * from the moment of opening of the company
* On average over the network, individually for each partner.


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