Charity «Gulliver»
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Charity – it is not only the financial help.
There are a lot of other possibilities to help the people in need.
We should be learning and at the same time learns other to charity
as this is the true way to recover from egoism and self-love.

President of Trading House «Gulliver & Co»Kuleshov I.G.

“Do good!” – this slogan became the basis of the Gulliver company activity because working for children not only pleasant but also twice important. We consider ourselves not only to be responsible for the quality of our goods and takes care about the health and prosperity of the company’s staff but for many years we have been participating in different charity programs. Since the foundation of Gulliver, we have helped many of the philanthropy organization and get the real friends in face of fund «Gift of life» which was founded by Chulpan Khamatova , organization «My light» which helps children with cancer diseases and with Moscow regional and social fund of supporting large families, adopted and single-parent family – «Kids – are our future».

Charity Each of these organizations has their own responsibilities and aims. Fund «Gift of life» supervises children with cancer, hematological and other very serious diseases. Owing to this fund work, many children got opportunity to overcome disease and began new life forgetting about virulent diagnosis. Fund «Gift of life» conducts actions for gathering donated blood for children with hematological diseases, collecting money for medicines and operations, organizes children’s treatment in the world famous clinics and each day attracts new volunteers. By now this fund patronizes children from seven clinics: Federal scientific clinical centre of children’s hematology, cancer and immunology (FSCC CHCI), Russian children’s clinical hospital (RCCH), Russian scientific centre of radiology and nuclear medicine (RSCR), Scientific-practical centre of medical help to children with defects of craniofacial area and congenital diseases of nervous system (SPC in Solntsevo), the Academician N. N. Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery, Morozovskaya children’s city clinical hospital (MCCCH) and Moscow city hospital n.a. Botkin.

Charity Charity organization «My light» realizes the great work for children with cancer diseases and for their families. It takes care of such important questions as adaptation, cure, social and juridical assistance, and also gives the children possibility of distance learning. Self-sacrificing enthusiasts gives the light and minutes of joy and happiness to sick children during the long treatment.

Unfortunately, large-families and families with low-income are not uncommon at present-days. Moscow regional and social fund of large families, adopted and single-parent family – «Kids – are our future» conducts a very important mission for their supporting. The most effective project of this fund is the program «Will help the children!». Within this program families receive goods and services from different companies and organizations free of charge.

We are happy that owing to active work of each of these organizations we also can give a part of our soul and warmth to children who need these. We sincerely consider that together we can cope with a lot of disasters, as together we are a power!