Shopping - a collection of fashionable clothes for Girls. The SPRING/SUMMER 2020 – to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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"Shopping" Collection

Girls wear collection
Toddler / 9-24 months

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Shopping – what a beautiful word! Almost every woman would agree that being invited on a shopping trip is music to the ears, and little girls love it, too. Gulliver’s range is sure to guarantee an interesting and exciting shopping experience. Some people choose to shop at Gulliver for the store’s selection of the best, fashionable, yet practical, functional clothes, which match their sense of style and meet their demand for high-quality clothing. Others shop at Gulliver to treat their kids without breaking the bank, and are rewarded by the smiles and happy faces of their little ones. The name of the range, Shopping, speaks for itself. You can mix and match to create several stunning looks, suitable for all kinds of weather and to suit every mood – this is a range for parents who are looking to create a stylish wardrobe for their little princesses.

The range’s palette of delicate colors and shades – light pink, sky blue and pearl white and cream – create a lovely, harmonious blend of pastel colors, coupled with light and airy materials which are soft and graceful and create a gentle, feminine look. At the same time, several pieces in the range complement the melody of this composition perfectly, and add a special flare. These include a little biker jacket which combines two materials with different textures, striped jeans, and palazzo pants with large eye-catching stripes, which make this range even more striking, fun and trendy. The Shopping range has outfits to suit every occasion – from elegant dresses and outfit sets with mesh skirts to fun casual clothes that girls can wear for everyday comfort. The large selection has plenty of items that will catch your eye, and which make shopping enjoyable, exciting, and productive. Check out our Shopping range for plenty of interesting ideas for spring and summer.