Blitz - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys. The SPRING/SUMMER 2020 – to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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"Blitz" Collection

Boys wear collection
Toddler / 9-24 months

Printed windbreaker Gulliver DISCOUNT

Printed windbreaker

RUR 3849 RUR 5499
Grey hoodie Gulliver DISCOUNT

Grey hoodie

RUR 2449 RUR 3499
Printed t-shirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Printed t-shirt

RUR 1189 RUR 1699
Long sleeve t-shirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Long sleeve t-shirt

RUR 1189 RUR 1699
Top Gulliver DISCOUNT


RUR 1189 RUR 1699
Printed trousers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Printed trousers

RUR 1189 RUR 1699
Grey trousers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Grey trousers

RUR 1189 RUR 1699
Black warm mid-season trousers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black warm mid-season trousers

RUR 2449 RUR 3499
Black jeans Gulliver DISCOUNT
Grey shorts Gulliver DISCOUNT

Grey shorts

RUR 1189 RUR 1699
Swim trunks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Swim trunks

RUR 1189 RUR 1699

Grey tights

RUR 599
Green hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Green hat

RUR 1049 RUR 1499
Green collar Gulliver DISCOUNT

Green collar

RUR 1539 RUR 2199

Children's wear collection

The Blitz range for little boys is a great example of a fashionable range with clothes suitable for everyday wear! It offers a complete wardrobe for your little ones, and is an aesthetic, functional reflection of today’s trends and needs. The range’s palette blends deep blue and gray, cotton, jersey and metallic waterproof fabric, with a dash of bright green — a rich fusion with striking contrasts. Although this range is for young children, just as much creativity has gone into designing the clothing as the designers would have invested in a range for demanding teenagers. Bright fancy designs made up of colored letters, items that combine two or more different textures, thick stripes, piping, strips, patches, branded stripes and finishes which emphasize geometric details in the cut, as well as designs with rubber print applied around edges. All of these details make this range vibrant, and sets it apart. The range is stylish, practical, and functional, making it unusually versatile, with items that can be worn on hikes in the wood, on walks around the city, and on vacation at a fashionable resort. Boys will certainly appreciate how comfortable the clothes are, parents will appreciate the interesting, original designs, and grandparents will appreciate the variety, with a wide range of fashionable clothes that can be worn in all types of weather.