Promenade - a collection of fashionable clothes for Girls. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
stylish clothes for kids & teens

Children's wear collection

The “Promenade” collection is a little story about a big family given in a beautiful color palette and in stylish and expressive prints, fashionable forms, decorations, and composition. The collection’s summer palette – based on white, navy, bright yellow and blue and resolved with denim – offers a fresh and sunny positivity. Polka dots, once again in the season’s TOP 5 modern designs, encourage the lighthearted mood.

The whole wardrobe – from the swimsuit to the warm jacket for autumn mornings – is based on a unified color and stylistic theme. The soft trapezoidal form, soft ruche, pleats, ruffles, contrasting edges and charming prints compose a unique lightness and ease in the collection’s impression. A little humor in the form of a stylized family of happy geese makes the collection bright and memorable. The baby-geese and parent-geese march in a single line, serving as the main ornamental theme and giving the collection a special charm. The naïveté and whimsy in ornamentation, sharp and compelling in form, fabric and material, compose an exquisite mix to create a multitude of expressive children’s characters.