Nile - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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Children's wear collection

The «Nile» range is still one confirmation that baby boy clothes from Gulliver are made at the highest stylistic level and quality. A variety of textiles, knitted linens and their expressive combination, beautiful prints, and fashionable mature elements: stripes, chevron, and zippers make this range bright, expressive, and interesting.

At the center of the decorative choices lies a funny crocodile, a native inhabitant of the Nile! But he’s no meany: rather the opposite... Gulliver’s crocodile has a lovable and playful nature that offers children more than the typical clothing styles and ornamentation, offering sewn combinations with summery details and imitation crocodile scales that add a little playful moment to lighten the mood of the whole range. This is no carnival costume, but a light, comfortable, everyday thing, completed with stylish melange of comfortable lining that a child will value above all else. The rest of the pieces also deserve attention. The shirt, shorts, jeans, and T-shirt are united by one color and an ornamental motif, composing a complete spring-summer wardrobe for any child and making him the most fashionable kid at the playground.