Marines - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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"Marines" Collection

Boys wear collection
Mini / 3-8 years

Gray fleece sweatshirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Gray fleece sweatshirt

RUR 1699 RUR 3290
Decorated white polo Gulliver DISCOUNT

Decorated white polo

RUR 1499 RUR 2890
Blue pants Gulliver DISCOUNT
Blue denim shorts Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue denim shorts

RUR 1499 RUR 2890
Blue ornate swim trunks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue ornate swim trunks

RUR 1199 RUR 2590
Blue swim trunks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue swim trunks

RUR 899 RUR 1790
Gray rubber boots Gulliver DISCOUNT

Gray rubber boots

RUR 899 RUR 1799
White leather sneakers Gulliver DISCOUNT

White leather sneakers

RUR 2499 RUR 5499
Blue sandals Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue sandals

RUR 1999 RUR 3899
Blue ornate hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue ornate hat

RUR 699 RUR 1290
White and blue baseball cap Gulliver DISCOUNT

White and blue baseball cap

RUR 699 RUR 1390
Blue ornate socks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue ornate socks

RUR 99 RUR 190
Blue socks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue socks

RUR 99 RUR 190

Children's wear collection

So, everything seems to be in order... blue, gray and white: the beautiful color palette presents restraint and dignity. Simple, comfortable pieces that at first glance could have been called simple, on a closer inspection appears entirely out of the ordinary. The chic shirt with a short placket that is worth wearing on a night out, a classy sewn T-shirt, tank top and polo with long back seams, a classy hoodie designed on a combination of rainproof fabric and comfortable lining – every piece in the collection has a complete line of unique personality and style, adding outward originality and novelty.

The “Marines” collection’s trendy look is based on a cool combination of textiles! The designers have no doubt that it offers active, playful children not only interesting designs but also the extreme comfort that energetic boys value above all else. The collection’s decorative forms leave neither children nor their mothers disappointed. Fashionable prints, graphics, and effective decorations: stripes, edging and braids are this collection’s stars, along with prints and vertical back seams, as well as color transitions, fabrics, scuffs, and worn jeans. “Marines” looks new, dynamic and interesting! Boys, who from childhood feel grown-up and self-sufficient, love this collection, demonstrating in every situation a strong will, self-control, and a sensible mind.