Comics - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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"Comics" Collection

Boys wear collection
Mini / 3-8 years

Gray printed sweatshirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Gray printed sweatshirt

RUR 1699 RUR 3190
Red swim trunks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Red swim trunks

RUR 799 RUR 1590
Black swim trunks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black swim trunks

RUR 899 RUR 1790
Black rubber boots Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black rubber boots

RUR 899 RUR 1799
Black sneakers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black sneakers

RUR 1999 RUR 4099
Striped knitted hat with ears Gulliver DISCOUNT
Black knit ornate cap Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black knit ornate cap

RUR 699 RUR 1290
Black and white striped knitted scarf Gulliver DISCOUNT
Red long sleeve t-shirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Red long sleeve t-shirt

RUR 899 RUR 1890
Decorated white socks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Decorated white socks

RUR 99 RUR 190
Striped socks Gulliver DISCOUNT

Striped socks

RUR 99 RUR 190

Children's wear collection

The “Comics” collection is a beautiful opportunity to see fashion through an entirely different lens. There is no place for complicated designs, richness of color or calligraphic ornamentation here. At the heart of this collection are clear linear graphics, even lines, simple font compositions, bold colors and large bright prints. Fashionable lines and bands are used as quality decorations; the simple and bright visual elements offer a sense of completeness to each piece. The designers’ interesting choices in this collection are quite appropriate: imitations of real “living” detail, where dirt would barely be visible.

The main hero of the collection is the wolf that amuses bright and bold children and produces a nostalgic feeling in generations of Russian parents as they remember the wolf from the classic Soviet cartoon “Nu, pogodi!”. The interesting appearance of the shirt’s hood and the big funny ears make the appearance of the wolf even more convincing. It can be said with certainty that the collection’s print designer was first chair, layering sharp, expressive designs on the base form and producing a harmonious ornamental mix over it all. The collection was finished in one breath: light, bold, and with humor and fantasy! Everyone who likes to be the center of attention loves it, attracting bright and unique qualities!