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Children's wear collection

The “Carmen” collection was made to help younger girls look new, interesting, and unique! All the latest trends (including fashionable styles, combinations, and effective fabrics with large graphics and many, many interesting details) are made use of to their fullest extent in this collection. Moreover, the most modern asymmetrical designs, color contrasts, dynamic stripes, netting, large and effective prints, and patches would look brave enough for a bright and out of the ordinary nature, not to mention the fashionable epaulettes on pieces in the collection!

The skillfully implemented epaulets with metallic chains and beads are an unusual and important accessory, serving as the final stroke in the ultra-stylish appearance. The advantage of this accessory is that it is a detachable detail, meaning that the epaulets can be removed and reattached easily at will. The “Carmen” collection looks stylish, bright, and effective. It gives multiple ensembles and is remembered widely by everyone who likes to be the center of attention and is fixated on their image as the premiere fashionista in school!