Blue Rose - a collection of fashionable clothes for Girls. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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Children's wear collection
"Blue Rose"

The “Blue Rose” collection gives every chance to imagine oneself a model. It was made in complete accordance with modern trends that are displayed in the pieces’ forms and materials. Between the thin raincoat and the lace, distressed jeans and delicate chiffon, thin stripes and large color motifs bound in a unified tonal and ornamental theme, multiple bright and interesting complexes are formed with ease.

Variety is a unique element of our times and it is realized to its fullest extent in this collection, making a harmonious ensemble from a romantic dress with a backpack and sneakers. A sporty bomber jacket made of soft leather, a treated denim skirt, a palette of elegant deep tones, brilliant sequins and “ripped” jeans burst challenge the formula of fashion, composing an interesting form and texture for the ensemble. Many of the collection’s pieces copy fashionable layering. “Blue Rose” looks complete, stylish, and polished. It makes the child’s style fashionable, interesting, original, and modern.