Frigate - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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Children's wear collection

The beautiful blazer jacket is Gulliver’s endorsement, the quilted jacket with an elegant lapel, bright comfortable windbreaker, polo, sweater, pants, and shorts... Though the bright and open nautical style that our designers love and know well is not always on the runway, eyes always brighten when they fall on this classic and well-received theme again. Stripes, braids, chevron, and prints in this collection unite attractive colors and graphic rhythms. In form, the pieces could be considered innovative.

The collection’s unique attention to detail to each section lies in the timeliness of the color accents and details. Every piece in this collection deserves attention, but the brightest and most memorable are the red shorts. With finished cotton and a small, embroidered – not printed – design, the shorts look interesting, creating a new tactile sensation and adding a special charm to the whole collection. “Frigate” brightens eyes and recalls the open road. It is an essential spring/summer wardrobe for boys between 8 and 14 years with a positive world-view and big plans for the future.