Batteman Tandu - a collection of fashionable clothes for Girls. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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Children's wear collection
"Batteman Tandu"

Grey, silver, white, and lime make an extremely fashionable, new, and light color palette that carries a great vivacious energy and positivity. Everything is interesting in the “Batteman Tandu” collection: Forms, colors, textures, and ornamentation... The soft lime green raincoat topped off with a wide braid of silver lurex, cozy crocheted surfaces with silver metallics, wide mixed bands, gleaming lining and overflowing gray velour, all embodied in a stylish, free, comfortable form all make the collection very sharp and modern, speaking to young girls in their own language.

Large compact print, a composition of sequins and wide elastic bands with graphic prints offer the collection novelty and extravagance. This kind of finish emphasizes a dynamic, sporty style. “Batteman Tandu,” like many other ultra-fashionable collections, was established in an eclectic style. By modern standards of living, children’s clothes – with the exception of solemn occurrences – should be as free as possible. The sporty, casual, and fashionable aesthetics in this collection are united by one extremely effective, attractive, and comfortable theme that allows you to find an ideal outfit for every girl depending on the colors and styles she prefers.