Harlequin - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys and Girls. The SPRING/SUMMER of 2019 is to buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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"Harlequin" Collection

Boys and Girls wear collection
Toddler, Mini, Junior / 1-15 years

Blue blazer Gulliver DISCOUNT
Blue blazer Gulliver DISCOUNT
Pink blouse Gulliver DISCOUNT

Pink blouse

RUR 1499 RUR 2890
White blouse with flounce Gulliver DISCOUNT

White blouse with flounce

RUR 1499 RUR 2990
Pink pants Gulliver DISCOUNT
Dress with bow Gulliver DISCOUNT

Dress with bow

RUR 2499 RUR 5490
Turquoise striped dress Gulliver DISCOUNT

Turquoise striped dress

RUR 2999 RUR 5990
Pink mesh dress Gulliver DISCOUNT

Pink mesh dress

RUR 2999 RUR 6290
Dress with mesh skirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Dress with mesh skirt

RUR 2499 RUR 4990
White ornate dress Gulliver DISCOUNT

White ornate dress

RUR 2999 RUR 5990
White leather sneakers Gulliver DISCOUNT

White leather sneakers

RUR 2499 RUR 5499
Pearlescent leather sandals Gulliver DISCOUNT

Pearlescent leather sandals

RUR 2499 RUR 5199
Pearlescent leather sandals Gulliver DISCOUNT

Pearlescent leather sandals

RUR 2499 RUR 5399
Yellow bow tie Gulliver DISCOUNT

Yellow bow tie

RUR 399 RUR 790
Bracelet set Gulliver DISCOUNT

Bracelet set

RUR 249 RUR 490
Bracelet set Gulliver DISCOUNT

Bracelet set

RUR 299 RUR 550
Bracelet for girls Gulliver DISCOUNT

Bracelet for girls

RUR 199 RUR 390
Bracelet with charms Gulliver DISCOUNT

Bracelet with charms

RUR 199 RUR 450
Hair accessories set Gulliver DISCOUNT

Hair accessories set

RUR 99 RUR 220
Decorated blue headband Gulliver DISCOUNT

Decorated blue headband

RUR 349 RUR 690
Hair clip set, 2 pcs Gulliver DISCOUNT

Hair clip set, 2 pcs

RUR 199 RUR 350
Tiara Gulliver DISCOUNT


RUR 499 RUR 1090
Puffy skirt with patches Gulliver DISCOUNT

Puffy skirt with patches

RUR 1499 RUR 3290

Chain purse

RUR 999
Decorated headband Gulliver DISCOUNT

Decorated headband

RUR 199 RUR 450

Children's wear collection

In the circus theme, there is a special charm... In it, there is some kind of intensity not visible at first glance. Gulliver designers muted the neon colors and shining surfaces slightly – refusing the soulful tinsel and inappropriate luster – and composed exactly the collection based on its presentation. The circus offers brightness, but occasionally adds opposing emotions. Laughter and tears, happiness and sorrow: it is all in the palette of emotions embodied in the “Harlequin” collection, very visually beautiful, spectacularly illustrated by the multifaceted world of the circus.

Using a complex tradition, the collection is made for children from 9 months of 15 years, when outfits begin to only barely change between age group. But the color palette built on pink, turquoise, deep cold blue and white is unique for children of every age. In the pieces for girls, delicate gleaming satin, chic taffeta, transparent netting, and airy chiffon predominate; fabrics without which it would be hard to present an elegant collection. For boys, a stylish linen that allows the composition of suits and outfits of the highest class. Bright ornamental fabrics with original designs pass between each of the collection’s elements, making it both dynamic and cheery. Within clowns, jugglers, masks, trained elephants and various other interesting real and illusory subjects plunge you into a vivid and mysterious world. In the quality of decorations on the collection’s pieces, silver designs and graphics and thematic chevron are utilized. “Harlequin” looks complete, elegant, refined and feels like a successful performance brought about by a gust of joyful applause and an enthusiastic response.