Tattoo - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys. Season AUTUMN/WINTER 2019-2020 – buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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"Tattoo" Collection

Boys wear collection
Junior / 9-15 years

Grey warm mid-season trousers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Grey warm mid-season trousers

RUR 1699 RUR 3999
Black warm winter trousers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black warm winter trousers

RUR 2199 RUR 4499
Blue warm jeans Gulliver DISCOUNT

Blue warm jeans

RUR 2199 RUR 4499
Blue jeans Gulliver DISCOUNT
Burgundy knitted hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Burgundy knitted hat

RUR 799 RUR 1999
Black knitted gloves Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black knitted gloves

RUR 799 RUR 1699
Black knitted mittens Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black knitted mittens

RUR 699 RUR 1699
Grey knitted hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Grey knitted hat

RUR 799 RUR 1699
Black knitted hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black knitted hat

RUR 699 RUR 1499

Children's wear collection

In the Tattoo collection our designers tried to work as precisely as possible with color, texture, and functionality, but those who love good graphics, a lively line, and design will find plenty here that lives up to their high expectations. Pictures of dragons and fish with expressive motion are drawn in a light and effortless style. In this design, which is at once powerful and very light, is a particular flight of fancy that recharges your energy. With the play of colors, and only in the linear black and white image, the collection’s graphic solution looks very convincing and cool. Melody of colors is one of the finest and one which flies off the shelves. Black, gray, and burgundy complemented by the beautiful textures of tweed, velour, and denim and large, expressive metal pieces create a stunning combination of color and texture. Interesting design features include a zipper running along the edge of the jacket’s lapel, high-contrast piping located along the side seams of the shirt and hoodie, piping highlights, prints, and patches show the high level of intricate work that has gone into each model.