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Children's wear collection

Kids love drawings... checkerboard patterns and stripes are just a likable, uniform ornament for them, and a picture they can look at and examine always makes little ones more curious. That’s why, in addition to the noble, dynamic checkerboard pattern that give this collection a colorful and ornamental tone, the robin print figures in most of the jersey clothing items. All of the models are practical and functional. Pants with an elastic waistband, T-shirts, hoodies, tunics — everything that makes up the daily wardrobe of our children. The creators of the collection didn't say no to trends, but instead made use of their interesting and expressive techniques. A stylish, free shape, a trapezoidal silhouette, and the combination of multiple materials with different thicknesses, plasticities, and textures in the same article of clothing have made this collection very stylish and modern. The models’ design uses gold-colored dusting and delicate lurex.