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stylish clothes for kids & teens

"Blue Velvet" Collection

Girls wear collection
Junior / 9-15 years

White sweater

RUR 4499

Blue jeans

RUR 4499

Blue gloves

RUR 1699

Children's wear collection
"Blue Velvet"

The Blue Velvet collection is an eclectic harmony. It combines military print and dazzling velvet, rugged heraldic symbols and shiny sequins, thin, streaming print netting and elements of a hussar uniform. The models’ shapes are simple and laconic. A straight, A-line silhouette — the most versatile shape that children of all ages can wear — emphasizes the comfortable, egalitarian nature of every model. Its decorative elements include a bold velvet appliqué to attract attention. The collection’s color palette is also the most pleasing and easy on the eye. Never-dull blue, noble gray, and saturated light blue create a sense of balance that is supported by the collection’s textures. Flannel, velvet, netting, denim, knitted surfaces, matte waterproof fabric — it’s a perfect combination for creating dynamic, athletic looks. In general, this interesting, energetic collection also has a hint of glamor, but this element isn’t overpowering; it merely adds an extra touch to the range of options available when creating looks with multiple grounds and layers.