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"Luster" Collection

Girls wear collection
Junior / 9-15 years

Black skirt Gulliver DISCOUNT
Black trousers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black trousers

RUR 2199 RUR 3499

Blue jeans

RUR 4499
Black leggings Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black leggings

RUR 1499 RUR 1999
Black dress Gulliver DISCOUNT
Printed hat with ear flaps Gulliver DISCOUNT

Printed hat with ear flaps

RUR 2199 RUR 3499
Red knitted collar Gulliver DISCOUNT

Red knitted collar

RUR 1199 RUR 1699
Black leather belt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black leather belt

RUR 1699 RUR 1999
Black gloves Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black gloves

RUR 1199 RUR 1699
Red knitted gloves Gulliver DISCOUNT

Red knitted gloves

RUR 1199 RUR 1699

Children's wear collection

At the foundation of the Luster collection is faux fur, waterproof material, jersey, flannel, and netting. The leopard print design creates a fusion of red, black, and reddish-beige, balancing out the elements of design and color. Pairing the garment with ripped jeans will ensure that the leopard print is not too overwhelming and doesn’t look too posh. The only materials that symbolize luxury are velvet and gold pieces. However, even they are organically melded into the overall canvas of color and style, the results look egalitarian without needing a special occasion to show themselves off to the world. Chances are, a girl who isn’t indifferent to trends will love everything in this collection! She’ll be blinded by the gleaming gold paillettes, delighted by the fancy mesh skirts that emphasize her grace, and inspired by the shuttlecock-shaped frills that make the clothing’s shape more ethereal and feminine. Your fashion-loving daughter will see hints of the pop art style in these likable cuts. As well as in the piping, inlay, and stripes, including stripes made of paillettes — a nod to the athletic style. In any case, a girl who wants to look regal will find lots of interesting options in this collection that will inspire intense feelings in those around her.