Freestyle - a collection of fashionable clothes for Boys. Season AUTUMN/WINTER 2019-2020 – buy in online store Gulliver with delivery in Moscow and Russia.
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"Freestyle" Collection

Boys wear collection
Junior / 9-15 years

Black long sleeve t-shirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black long sleeve t-shirt

RUR 1499 RUR 2199
Black warm mid-season trousers Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black warm mid-season trousers

RUR 3499 RUR 4499
Blue jeans Gulliver DISCOUNT
Knitted hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Knitted hat

RUR 799 RUR 1699
Red knitted hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Red knitted hat

RUR 799 RUR 1699
Striped knitted lined hat Gulliver DISCOUNT

Striped knitted lined hat

RUR 999 RUR 2199
Black hat with ear flaps Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black hat with ear flaps

RUR 1699 RUR 3499
Striped knitted scarf Gulliver DISCOUNT

Striped knitted scarf

RUR 799 RUR 1699
Black gloves Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black gloves

RUR 799 RUR 1699
Grey turtleneck Gulliver DISCOUNT

Grey turtleneck

RUR 1199 RUR 2199
Red long sleeve t-shirt Gulliver DISCOUNT

Red long sleeve t-shirt

RUR 1499 RUR 2199
Grey jeans Gulliver DISCOUNT
Black winter boots Gulliver DISCOUNT

Black winter boots

RUR 2199 RUR 3999

Children's wear collection

The core of the Freestyle collection is a decorative canvas that includes vibrant, memorable graphics in the street art style. Large letters, geometrical shapes, colorful spots, stripes — the overlapping of elements and figures that vary in size, shape, and color creates a sharp, dynamic design that is very interesting and attractive. A fancy winter jacket and a hoodie made of waterproof material and fleece — the primary ornamental elements of the collection — create a very original and intense impression. The other models in the collection are augmented with expressive details that flow naturally from the primary graphical narrative. The collection contains everything essential for creating a functional wardrobe for a child: hoodies, jersey pants, jeans, jackets, and long-sleeve T-shirts. The Freestyle collection isn’t something you can just walk past. It generates a positive outlook and will win the approval of your child's peers.